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Return Terms and Conditions

Carefully review the following conditions and restrictions before you complete your product return/replacement request on our web site.

Terms of payment, right of retention

  • We offer direct debit, PayPal and credit card as payment options. In order to limit the risk of payment default, we reserve the right not to provide the customer with individual payment methods as part of the respective order process. In addition, it may happen that individual payment methods cannot be made available for technical reasons. We do not offer any other payment options than those specified, in particular payment by cashier's check is excluded.
  • Unless otherwise specified below, the purchase price for the goods ordered, including the shipping costs (“invoice amount”), is due upon conclusion of the contract and is payable without any deductions.
  • When paying by direct debit, the invoice amount is usually debited within a maximum of four bank working days after the conclusion of the contract. This advance information will be provided with our declaration of acceptance. If a direct debit cannot be made due to insufficient funds or incorrect data provided by the customer, the customer shall bear the resulting costs; Legal rights on our part (e.g. to withdraw from the contract, etc.) remain unaffected.
  • When using the PayPal payment option, payment is processed via PayPal, Inc., a Delaware corporation, with its principal place of business at 2211 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95131 ("PayPal US"), subject to the PayPal Privacy Statement at Customers can only use the PayPal payment option if they have a corresponding user account with PayPal US. In the case of payment via PayPal, fulfillment of the purchase price claim occurs at the time the amount is unconditionally credited to the Pampered Chef PayPal account. The purchase price claim is revived if the Pampered Chef PayPal account is debited by PayPal US due to a buyer protection procedure initiated by the customer at PayPal US. Payment processing via PayPal is otherwise based exclusively on PayPal's general terms and conditions.
  • When paying by credit card, the invoice amount is reserved on the customer's credit card when the order is placed (so-called authorization). The credit card is actually charged on the day the invoice amount is due at the earliest. If the contract does not come about or if the contract is not binding for the customer for other reasons, we will immediately reverse the authorization.
  • We only accept payments from bank accounts that are held by banking institutions based in the US. In no case will we assume any expenses or other costs of money transactions by the customer.
  • The customer agrees that we can send invoices in text form.
  • The customer can only assert rights of retention - insofar as it is not a consumer - in connection with a contract if the claimed right results from this contract.

Guarantee Period

For a complete statement of our guarantee, see the back of your sales receipt. Requests for Product(s) returns must be initiated within the guarantee period to be replaced or returned. Refer to the front of your sales receipt or product Use and Care instructions for specific product guarantee details.


  • If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within one year for any reason, please return the item for an exchange or refund of the merchandise value.
  • Proof of purchase (your order number) is required for all returns. You can access your order number from your Pampered Chef Account.
  • Returned Product(s): When a product is required to be returned in order to fulfill a request for replacement, the item(s) and quantities of the package received must coincide with the original request that was confirmed on your confirmation web page and email. Do not include any unapproved requests in the shipped carton that is coming back to The Pampered Chef as this will delay processing.
  • Shipment Upon Receipt of Returned Product(s): Approved requests for replacement on products that are required to be returned and are beyond 30 days from the ship date will ship upon our receipt of original product. Once receipt of the original product has been confirmed, the replacement will automatically ship. If the product item or quantity of returned product(s) in the shipment does not match the online request, your return request will be delayed.
  • Refunds shall not exceed the price paid.

Outlet Items

Items purchased from the outlet are final sale and outlet products may not be returned or replaced unless damage occurs in shipping. Replacements are subject to availability.

Final Completion of Your Request

Do not discard any product unless you have been informed that you are not required to return the product.

  • Confirmation Number: Once your request has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation number. This will serve as your approved reference number. Please print this approved reference number on the outside of the returned packages. If a reference number is not included on the carton or package, the process will be delayed.
  • Prepaid Return Arrangements: When applicable, prepaid arrangements will be available for 30 days from the ship date of the Show to return product(s). We will arrange for a prepaid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to be issued. Refer to the approved confirmation page and/or consequential emails for further instructions. Please instruct your customer to package the product properly.
  • Handling Product(s) with Care: All sharp and pointed product(s) must be securely packaged in the original case or protective sleeve. If this protection is not available, sufficiently pack the product(s) so that the sharp points or edges do not cut through packaging during shipment.
  • Adjustment Processing Time: Please allow up to three (3) business days for your approved on-line request to be processed and shipped. Once your request is finalized, your order status will be updated to "Complete."


Sales tax must be remitted with the order and will be reimbursed when all documentation is received and validated by the Solution Center. If a sales tax-exempt organization is purchasing products, follow these steps:

  • Calculate sales tax based on where the products are being shipped.
  • Scan and email or fax a copy of the organization's tax-exempt certification or letter issued by the State Taxing Authority, confirming their tax-exempt status. The tax-exempt number alone is not sufficient.
  • Submit to the Home Office for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be issued based on the original method of payment. In the case of check or cash paid to the Consultant, a refund check will be issued.
  • Individual members of an organization may not claim tax-exempt status at Fundraiser Shows. All individuals must pay sales tax.

Tax on Native American Reservation Orders

To be eligible for zero or reduced tax, the customer must be a member of a Native American tribe and the products shipped to a Native American reservation. Based on the address, tax will be calculated accordingly (not all reservations are fully tax-exempt).

Fax number for US Tax exempt form is 1-630-261-8587


Incorrect Tax Rate

If you are concerned that tax has not been calculated correctly, please send an email to:

Consultants Only

Other Solution Center Return Privileges

For all other Solution Center return privileges, please refer to the Consultant Policy Guide on Consultant's Corner.

Total Number of Cartons Received

Before requesting a product that may be missing from your delivery, make sure that all original cartons have been delivered on your order. You can verify the number of cartons by reviewing the packing slip or shipping label to see how many cartons were shipped (e.g., "1 of 2" or "1 of 3").

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